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User Review of DEWALT DW744X

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I respect what the other reviewers have said (hey, if you've had a bad experience, you've had a bad experience) but mine has been nothing but positive. I purchased a refurbished saw and it's cut perfectly true from out of the box. All I did was mount it on a stand, install the fence and off to the races. I love the smooth start feature, the saw was set for true 90 degree calibration on the blade and the fence is right on the mark, perfectly parallel. For more specifics: PROS: Fence design is beautiful, you just scroll to the right width and the dual track eliminates the unevenness you get from other fences. The blade guard snaps on and off by flipping a simple lever, which makes it easy to remove for certain cuts and then replace for other cuts. It's as easy (and fast) as flipping a light switch. A very handy feature! The push stick stored inside the fence is a terrific feature. The soft start works wonderfully. CONS: The plastic casing is surprisingly thin and lightweight. I guess it will be fine as long as I don't do anything stupid, but I'm surprised to see something this fragile in a saw. Thicker, stronger plastic would have provided more stability and durability. The storage slots for the miter gauge are rudimentary at best and awkward when replacing the gauge, but this is a minor point. All in all, a great saw and a better saw than more expensive models I've used (such as the Makita 2703).

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